Shawnice Powell

The Savvy Sewing Coach

I love sewing! Okay…every sewing site says that.  I’m one of many sewists who desires to share the love of sewing to anyone who will listen. I didn’t plan on becoming a seamstress.

My first garment looked like a clown suit. I had no idea how to select a pattern size. I didn’t understand grainlines or how to read a pattern. I thought I could follow the pictures and end up with a cute summer jumpsuit. The first skirt I made was also a disaster. I still didn’t understand the importance of grainlines and made a skirt that was so tight, I couldn’t walk.

My instructions are for all sewists with different learning styles. My primary student is a social/interpersonal learner. This is a person who learns better in a group or working with others. They like to ask lots of questions and may need several examples to grasp a concept. This is how I learn! I need to know what, why, how, and sometimes when.